LES recognizes the vital importance of the health, safety, and welfare of it's most valuable resource, the employees.

LES takes special pride in it's commitment to health and safety.  We share a growing awareness with the environmental community regarding the significance of a strong health and safety program by providing for optimal efficiency and economy while minimizing personnel and corporate liability for LES and it's clients.

LES has a corporate safety program with written policies and procedures.

For projects falling under the scope of 29 CFR 1910.120, project safety plans are developed and communicated to all workers involved in the project.  Most projects will have some form of written site and project safety plan giving the scope of work, hazards expected, protective equipment, and safety measures required, emergency contacts and plans.

All employees receive physical exams prior to the start of employment.  All employees receive mandatory annual physical exams.  Substance abuse screens are conducted annually, but not at the time of the annual physical exam.  All drug screens are conducted on a randomly scheduled basis.  Medical monitoring is designed to protect the long and short term health of LES employees.  This is accomplished by the establishment of baseline levels on certain body functions at the pre-employment physical and the subsequent monitoring through annual physicals.

LES is insured with worker's compensation coverage for injuries and illnesses arising from the course of employment.  Such coverage is in accordance with the worker's compensation laws of the State of Iowa.


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