When a national effort began more than 30 years ago to protect America's air, land, and water, business leaders quickly learned that solving environmental problems could be a complex job.

In recent years a growth in federal and state environmental regulations coupled with increased public pressure to protect agricultural and commercial properties, has created a unique challenge for attorneys, fiduciaries, lenders, and property owners, managers buyers & sellers.

The staff of Landmark Environmental Services, Inc. (LES) are trailblazers in the development of the due diligence required for the field of environmental property assessment on agricultural and commercial properties.  

The uniquely qualified staff at Landmark Environmental Services has over 35 years of experience in identifying hazardous and non-hazardous environmental conditions associated with agricultural and commercial properties.  

Every solution begins by first understanding the problem.  Whether it is a:

  • Phase I site assessment
  • Underground storage tank removal, or
  • Land application pesticide contaminated soil

Landmark Environmental Services

  •  identifies current problems
  • develops cost effective solutions and 
  • defines potential liabilities before they occur.  

Each plan is tailored to the specific needs of the site and situation.

LES has become an industry leader by assisting clients throughout the central United States.  Our experience is backed by a record of proven performance and client satisfaction.


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